Accountability as a Parent

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Something I never understood is how parents can let their children run wild, let them free roam, do whatever they want whenever they want. When they put adult problems onto them. I also questioned, “Do you have any accountability?”

One thing I realized becoming a parent was that I was not only accountable for myself, but now had to hold accountability for these humans I brought into this world. They needed me. They relied on me. They needed me to become accountable not only for myself, but for them.

What does accountability look like?

Parents need to, and have a duty to protect their children. Protect their rights. To provide education, affection, and medical care. Parents need to “step up to the plate” that they chose to have. They need to set good examples. Be a good role model. To teach their children accountability.

How can you be a better parent?

Simple. Show up. Be up. Teach accountability. Raise a good human. Lead by example.

  • Model appropriate behavior

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to take accountability for something, try your best to model positive behavior in front of your children. Even as adults, we make mistakes all the time – try to use these moments to explain accountability to your child.

  • Follow through.

If you warn your child that there will be consequences to their actions, make sure to follow through.   If you help your child avoid the direct repercussions to their actions, you are also taking away much of the accountability that they should be held responsible for.

  • Teach them to see failure in a positive light.

We get it – no one likes to fail. It’s not a good feeling, and failure often comes paired with strong emotions that can be difficult to manage. Still, it’s important to remember that setbacks throughout life develop resilience. In addition, failure also teaches us ways to create new strategies in order to avoid the same mistakes.

A better child starts with a better YOU

Let’s face it, as parents we tend to give up. We give in. We don’t teach accountability. We forget that these little humans, our children, are a product of what we do and show them. They learn from us. Help them learn better. They need it. They deserve it.