All about Advanced Night Repair Lotion

The Advanced Night Repair lotion from Estée Lauder has been a stalwart in the industry for decades, and it comes in a special serum bottle that allows you to drip the solution onto your face. The serum is especially good for your eyes, but women have sworn by it forever because it helps their whole face look younger every night. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion has its own following, and it is something that people might turn to when they need a daily lotion that can be very effective.

1. Why Use Advanced Night Repair?

You can use Advanced Night Repair when you are trying to reverse the effects of aging. You could purchase the serum at the counter or online, and you only need a small amount to help cover your face. Focus on your eyes, and you will find that they tighten up very well. You also need to be sure that you have brought this serum with you on vacation because you need night repair after long stressful days. This lotion helps you recover from the rigors of the day.

2. Why Use The Dramatically Different Lotion?

The dramatically different lotion is a daily moisturizer that you can use in the morning and the evening. Some people would say that it is just as powerful as the Advanced Night Repair, but that is because it tends to be marketed at younger faces. Women who are trying to care for their skin in the best way possible will actually use both because that gives them a full day of skin protection.

3. Day And Night

You can wear the Advanced Night Repair at night, and you must wash off your face in the morning, You can apply Clinique’s lotion to last through the day, and you could even carry a bottle with you so that you have extra. The Night Repair should be applied again at night, and it will help you recover in places where a traditional lotion might not be strong enough. Just two bottle can keep you looking young for ages.

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