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Here are some new deals active right now on amazon. We try our best to be as accurate as possible. Many discounts ranging from 20-80 % off with discount codes posted. Toothbrush HolderDeal Price: 17.99Original Price: 35.99Code:FL64K3VFDiscount: 50%offStart Date : 2023-1-30End Date : 2023-2-6link: 6PCS Resin Elf StatueDeal Price: 17.99Original Price: 35.99Code:X4LCBNN5Discount: 50%offStart Date …

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Accountability as a Parent

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Something I never understood is how parents can let their children run wild, let them free roam, do whatever they want whenever they want. When they put adult problems onto them. I also questioned, “Do you have any accountability?” One thing I realized becoming a parent was that I was not only accountable for myself, …

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Sorry guys, it’s been a little hectic for the last month. Here is lots of coupons! Take a look at each discounted product below. Enter the coupon code associated to save some extra money! ➡️Gifts for Men, 9 in 1 Multi Tool Pen Fathers Day Gift Ideas Link: Deal Price: $11.49-12.49Original Price: $22.99-24.99Code: 94UT4P2GDiscount: 50%codeStart …

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My Wedding

To some, my wedding was just you know a traditional two people getting married, sharing their love and commitment to each other. Although many, Infact almost all the attendees do not realize how special this day, or even prior to it is actually meant to me. I always dreamed of finding “the one” to get …

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Tax filing in Canada Changes

Filing income taxes 2024 will look different for tax payers this year. Lots of new changes for 2024 taxes are about to begin here in Canada. New tax measures, and changes to existing ones, will begin affecting Canadians in 2024. But tax experts say the effects on most individuals are likely to be minor, unless …

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Missing You

It’s been almost a month since you left this earth. Almost a month since you took two falls that changed your life forever. I still question all the time, did you know something wasn’t right before it was too late? How scared you must have been. To be talking, having a nap, lunch, wanting to …

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Overwhelmed Mother


I’m just so overwhelmed. So angry. I am an overwhelmed mother. The thoughts that keep going through my mind cause so much anger, frustration and anxiety. Being an overwhelmed mother isn’t easy. Being an overwhelmed mother takes a toll on my all around health. My mental health and physical health. Not only my own health, …

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The Kids Aren’t Alright

Everybody just take a minute and look around the globe at what’s happening. Really look at what all governments are tryin to do to their people and what some already have; after you do that, go sit by yourself for a good bit and think real long and hard. After you’ve processed what is goin …

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Affordable Vet Cost

If your pet is in need of a surgery, you may find pricing for the procedure will differ by hundreds of dollars depending on which veterinarian you go to. Whether it’s due to the cost of rent and medication or different recommendations of care, as a private service, veterinarians can charge whatever they need to …

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Coping with Financial Stress

Are you having trouble coping with Financial Stress? Well you are not alone! Coping with Financial Stress can be extremely daunting and cause other mental disorders too. Feeling overwhelmed by money worries? Whatever your circumstances, there are ways to get through these tough economic times, ease stress and anxiety, and regain control of your finances. …

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