Easy “Poor Man’s” Meals


Every time I go to the grocery store, I’m blown away by how expensive everything is. It is like I barely buy anything and there is 60 or 80 bucks gone, just like that. Hence why we found some ideas on what some would call “poor man’s meals”.

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Really, whether shopping in a grocery store or going out to eat, both are pretty expensive, but usually eating out is more expensive then eating in. When you’re broke as a joke, try out some of these dinner ideas below. 👇

Hobo Dinner

You can make “hobo dinner” when you go camping.

Ground beef, onions, carrots, potatoes and a bit of garlic. Wrap it in tinfoil (I prefer the non stick kind) and throw it on some coals in your campfire.

King Eating

.Baked potato with cheese and broccoli on top.Buy a pound of baking potatoes, a block of cheese, and frozen bag of broccoli. It’ll make you at least 3-6 of those.If your’e feeling really crazy, then throw in some chili too. Canned chili for hotdogs works best. It can be as cheap as .50 cents.

Easy Soup

Add rice and lots of water to a pot. Can keep it plain or sprinkle some chicken bouillon powder and fresh ginger slices. Cook until it reaches creamy porridge consistency. Top your bowl with scallions. Some people make this when feeling sick since it’s easier on the stomach.

One Pan Fry

Stir fry…

Chicken, rice and soy sauce. Does it get easier then that? Throw in some veggies if you’ve got them on hand.

A suggestion

Lemon potatoes Greek style (like 8 or 9 parts chicken stock to 1 part lemon juice and zest, oregano, some garlic and onion, salt and pepper) edit: also about “1 part” olive oil… whoops

Make enough of that mix to roughly cover your potato wedges in a roasting pan and cook at 370-400 for like 35 40 minutes depending on the starchiness of the potato, add more lemon juice mixed with some water if the potatoes are still firm once the liquid is halfway gone, so they can still soak up the flavorful liquid while they cook

Pan it with Cans

“Get a can of black beans and some cheap salsa. Put the drained beans and some salsa in a skillet and let it cook for like 10 min. Crack a couple eggs and let them poach in the beans. Serve with cheap bread or tortillas.All very cheap ingredients, and its super high in protein so it’s filling and healthy. You can also saute in any veggies you have sitting around or put in whatever spices you have lying around

Thanks for people giving all of us some good ideas about how to eat on the cheap!

In the comments, please share some cheap meals with us that we can make at home.

Thank you in advance!

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