Fur trapping

Fur trapping. To some a way of life, to others a hobby. To most these days, a barbaric, cruel, taboo subject.

Lets start off with a little history in trapping shall we. Waaaay back in the day when the first settlers came to Canada in 1604 the fur trade seeds were planted. they didn’t have Mcdonalds back then like some extremely stupid people these days seem to think they did, so they had to live off the land. They also needed warmer clothing for the harsh northern climate, queue fur.

The beaver! This second biggest member of the rodent family was the main focus of fur throughout the history of the fur trade. This is why the tubby fella is on our Canadian nickel. HE BUILT CANADA! literally, the financial state of this country as it was being built depended on the fur trade.

So how come in this day and age is trapping a dying tradition? Because people have become accustom to modern amenities, to everything being handed to them. People forget where they come from, forget that if it wasn’t for their settling ancestors being part of the fur trade somehow they’d cease to exist today.

Trapping today is not gonna pay the bills, period. With all the animal rights groups and ignorant liberals seemingly running the show the market has crashed several times over. when I first began trapping I was getting $12-$15 a muskrat hide. When you can trap 100+ rats a day in a 2 week window that’s some very real money. Know what my last highest paying muskrat hide sold for? $3.

Trapping is more than just money (has to be these days) us trappers are the eyes and ears of the woods. We watch population changes, habitat changes, and keep beavers from flooding fields, roads, meadows, woodlands etc. If there’s a trickle of running water anywhere and a beaver finds it you’re gonna have a pond real quick and a whole lot of chopped down trees.

People think hunters and trappers are the most bloodthirsty bunch of scum in the world. Every bit we spend on licensing goes back to conservation. we have seasons and limits in place for conservation. We know when to flush and when to fold. We pay attention to populations of animals and adjust tactics accordingly. some years predators far outweigh prey animals, that’s when you’ll get total annihilation and a one sided ecosystem, then comes starvation, overpopulation and disease. a ecosystem only has so much carrying capacity. So, we trap accordingly to balance everything back out to a healthy state and keep the starvation, overpopulation and disease at bay.

In the end. when you see wetlands filled with what looks like bird houses in the pond. They are, they’re put there by waterfowl groups like delta waterfowl and ducks unlimited. People who hunt and trap, give back far more than they take. speaking of trapping and delta waterfowl. Delta has a new nesting predator patrol program set up to trap egg snatching predators in the spring waterfowl nesting season to help the mother ducks hatch a successful brood.

I’m a transparent person and do my best to see both sides of things. But what do animal rights groups really do for conservation and the likes? Nothing. How do I and every other sensible person know this? Cause they’d damn well plaster that shit everywhere showing everybody what saints they are and what a great deed they did for the animals.

They spread propaganda and fear tactics, that’s what they do.

So in closing, you take away from this what you want about trapping and my other rants about shit like animal rights and liberal people.

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