How to lose weight after giving birth

How many of you have struggled to lose the baby weight? Are you months post partum or even years and still struggling?

I struggled really hard to get my figure back and even to this day it still isn’t back to normal.

I gained nearly 50lbs being pregnant! I didn’t even eat super unhealthy foods all the time. I didn’t believe in the “eating for two” saying either.. but somewhere along the way I gained a whopping 49 pounds!

I am now 9.5 months post partum and still working on getting my body back. Only another 15 pounds to go and the scale says the right number, but the not so tight stomach still remains .. well saggy.

Here is what I did to make my body as close to the way it was before pregnancy so far.

  • I ate healthy! Small portions
  • I excisered… A little.
  • I fasted.
  • I drank lots of coffee.. to poop.
  • Cleaned the house
  • Carried my baby around
  • I snacked junk food in moderation
  • Healthy junk food such as veggie chips, and fibre 1 products.

Keep in mind, I didn’t breastfeed so I didn’t have to worry about my baby
getting the nutrition from my milk, but only his formula

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