Improve Nail and Hair Strength

strength nails and hair

Are you tired of your hair breaking or your nails being weak and brittle? Here are 5 ways to help improve your hair and nail strength.

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5 Ways To Improve Hair And Nail Strength

Healthy hair and strong nails go hand-in-hand. Both your hair and nails contain the same tough protein “keratin”, responsible for creating the fibers which make nails and hair grow.

This means if you make an active decision to improve your hair health, there’s a good chance you’ll boost nail strength too.

So, why would you want to improve hair and nail strength in the first place? Good hair health means you can enjoy your luxurious locks for longer.

If you’ve ever worried about losing your hair, or having issues with thinning hair, committing to caring for your locks is a good idea. You need to be particularly cautious about hair care after treating your hair.

Healthy nails mean you don’t have to worry about broken nails causing pain, discomfort, and less than perfect-looking hands. Plus, nails can come in handy for a range of tasks, like peeling stickers, for instance.

So, where do you get started?

Get More Protein

Protein is an excellent macro nutrient to add to your diet whenever possible. The more protein you consume, the more you’ll be supporting muscle growth and paving the way for a stronger body.

Protein is also responsible for supplying your body with the all-important amino acids it needs to produce keratin – that crucial building block for hair and nails. Keratin is also an important ingredient in healthy skin!

Around 20% of your daily calories should be coming from protein if you want to give your hair and nails the best possible fuel. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to add protein to your diet – even if you’re not a huge fan of meat.

Eggs and legumes are excellent sources of protein, as are a host of dairy products and different kinds of fish. We get it, sometimes incorporating protein can be hard, so we recommend in that case to add a protein supplement like this one on Amazon.

Consume Plenty of Fatty Fish

Speaking of getting more fish in your diet, fatty and oily fish is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (the good kind), which have been shown to deliver a range of benefits. For instance, eating oily fish like mackerel and salmon can help lower your risk of heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.

Oily fish is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are fantastic for boosting skin and scalp health, and improving the overall appearance of your hair. Healthy fats are also important for hydrating the skin and developing various tissues throughout your body.

Look For More Vitamins and Antioxidants

Upgrading your diet is one of the best ways to improve all aspects of your health, whether you’re looking for stronger hair and nails, or you just want to lose some excess weight. When you’re trying to improve your hair, skin, and nails, there are a few things you need in your diet, starting with antioxidants.

Berries, sweet peppers and avocados are all excellent sources of antioxidants, which can help protect hair follicles and keep your nails and skin in good condition. Consider adding more fresh blueberries to your diet, or the occasional dose of avocado on toast.

Vitamins are another important ingredient in a good diet for hair and nails. Vitamin A is particularly good for your hair and skin, because it helps with the production of natural oils, which keep these parts of your body strong. Try stocking up on spinach and sweet potatoes for some natural sources of vitamin A.

Commit to Constant Hydration

Good hydration is absolutely crucial for all parts of your body. Drinking enough water every day ensures you have all the essential moisture you need to create important nutrients in your body, and keep your skin, nails and hair looking as healthy as possible.

Water helps to keep skin and hair moisturized, while also preventing your nails from becoming overly brittle. At the same time, drinking more water will also have a positive impact on other aspects of your health. Drinking extra H2O can improve your immune system, boost your metabolism, and provide you with mood-boosting benefits as well.

Consider carrying a bottle of water with you at all times to remind yourself to hydrate.

Commit to Regular Maintenance

Just like your car needs maintenance to keep running at its best, your body needs regular care and maintenance too. You can maintain your nails at home by clipping or filing them regularly. This will help to reduce your chances of breakage.

You can also look into things like cuticle oils and cuticle care to keep your nails growing strong.

For hair care, make sure you’re using the right shampoos and conditioner for your hair type. At the same time, don’t forget to regularly trim your hair so it can continue to grow as strong as possible. Trips to the salon really are worth it.