Money & New motherhood

Babies… They are expensive. Maternity leave/parental leave what’s it pay?

Basically enough to cover the essential bills. If you’ve got pets, forget it. If you’ve got to travel somewhere forget it. If you want to go to the movies, out for dinner or even buy a t-shirt, just forget it.

It’s doable. It’s hard, but it is doable. Older people are always saying about baby bonus. Saying about how much these women get for “popping out babies”. It’s more then their old age, more then what they got when they were younger and had children. Well let me tell you, they definitely made it seem like more then what I am getting. The amount I get covers the costs of my baby boy. Not all, but some. There is no “extra” cash from it. It’s all used. All of it on him. Formula, baby food or food to make our own, diapers, wash and clothing. All the essentials. Extra hydro, extra water and extra septic. Yes I consider those essential parts of living for my little guy.

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So if I can suggest anything, save every extra penny you’ve got as you’re probably going to need it because “popping out a baby” doesn’t cover all the extra necessities.

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