Overwhelmed Mother


I’m just so overwhelmed. So angry. I am an overwhelmed mother. The thoughts that keep going through my mind cause so much anger, frustration and anxiety. Being an overwhelmed mother isn’t easy.

Being an overwhelmed mother takes a toll on my all around health. My mental health and physical health. Not only my own health, but my family’s health too.

I wonder how they feel knowing and seeing their mom bust her ass to provide a roof over their heads. To work, then come home to clean up their daily messes. To make a meal for them for dinner. To grab a broom and sweep the floor. To put a load in the wash and cry at the mountain of clothes to be folded, organized and put away. The overwhelmed mother who is always just trying to keep up on housework and still be there for her kids.

A pile of dishes in the sink, a mountain of laundry to fold. Kids to feed and bathe. Dogs to clean up after, chickens to feed. All to a night time bedtime routine to be set for a repeat. Daily. It is so exhausting to be an overwhelmed mother.

Sure some may say, ask for help. Let me tell you, asking for help just makes me angry. Asking for help leads to disappointment which then turns to anger. Just be a super mom is what I repeat to myself. You got this. You can do this.

Well, being an overwhelmed mother can burn you out. You need to take care of yourself too and if that means trying hard to get the things done and caught up so that way you can finally start to relax and be there.. I mean really there with your kids, then do it. With or without the help.

Typically you can prevent yourself from becoming that exhausted overwhelmed mom.

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