Sexless Relationship

To some, a sexless relationship means nothing, to others it is everything. When did my sex life go downhill? How do I fix our sex life to save our relationship? Is it something that can even be fixed? Read on to find out.

The one who always wanted sex.

In all seriousness I was the type of woman who couldn’t get enough sex when I was younger. Once a day was alright, but Id much rather more. It was like I couldn’t be pleased. I just needed it. I wanted it. I wanted the pleasure. Now, I avoid it like the plague. What on earth happened to me?

In my current relationship I can feel the stress, the tension going on from our lack of sex. We used to have sex at beginning like it was going out of style. It was hot. It was a different type of sex I had not experienced. A little… just mmmm. Now everyone says about the honeymoon stage of a relationship, maybe that’s what this was, or maybe it was the fact that I became pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, while I was pregnant those hormones just made it so he was in fact the one who was like “Woah, settle down”

The sex drive, where is it?

Is that it? I have just settled down? After having our first born, my sex drive started to become less and less. It started to put a damper on our relationship. I could feel it. I know for sure I had some post partum depression, or perhaps post partum anxiety. The thing no one talks about.

After having my son and my daughter I realized I could not be the independent self-sufficient woman I once was. I needed help with the house work. I could not keep up. I still can’t to this day. I see mountains of clothes, a kitchen that has no counter space, a kitchen table full of just stuff that should have a home. I see toys everywhere. Not a unclustered area in the house, no matter what direction you face, no matter what has been cleaned, its full of cluster within minutes.

My brain is full of cluster of everything, everything but sex. This leads us to our sexless relationship.