Successful Tips for Your Blog

There are over 500 million blogs on the internet today, with their authors posting over 2 million blog posts
every day.

In fact, as you are reading this blog post, there are hundreds of blogs being set up at the moment.
The numbers keep rising every minute, which is why you need to come up with a unique way of blogging to stand out. With thousands of blogs covering the same topic you are focusing on being published every day, how do you make yours better than others?
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel- you just need to learn what goes into writing a successful, viral blog.
Here are five proven tips and strategies for successful blogging.

· Check On Its Quality

A lot of people start to blog just because they have heard many successful stories of top bloggers. However, many give up after a short time because of the frustrations of failing terribly in their first attempt to blogging.
The main reason for this is failure to publish quality content. To stand out from the rest and keep your
readers hooked to your blog posts, you will need to offer relevant, original, and informative content that adds value to your readers.
Understand your reader’s needs and the problems they are facing and offer practical solutions. The aim is to
have the reader feel satisfied with the content they have just consumed. In other words, make your blogs worth your readers’ time.

· Pay Attention to Your Blog Layout

In most cases, people will not read each and every word in your blog posts, no matter how interesting or
captivating the posts may be. In most cases, people will skim through your posts and scan content- maybe
because they don’t have enough time to read everything you have covered.
To make it easier for them to skim through, you need to organize your posts in a layout that makes content
easy to consume. One of the best ways of organizing your blog posts is to divide your content into subheadings. Another tip is to use short, concise sentences and short paragraphs. This will not only make your posts attractive to read, but also easy to skim through.

· Make Your Blog Posts SEO-Friendly and Watch Out for SEO Changes

Search Engine Optimization is always changing, and you need to make your content optimized for search engines. This is the best way to make your posts visible via search engines.
Keep in mind that there have been major updates to Google’s algorithm in recent years. For example, in
2018, there was the Media update, whereby voice search is being given priority thanks to the rise of devices
such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.
With voice queries expected to hit 50% of Google searches by 2020, bloggers need to shift their keyword
research strategy so as to take into consideration voice searchers. This means using longer, conversational
keyword phrases in your content.
In addition to this, you will also need to integrate videos. Videos content is the most consumed type of content on the internet today. Many people prefer to consume video content as compared to written content.
Therefore, by adding several short videos to your blogs, you will make it more engaging and interesting for
your readers.

· Create Lengthier Posts

It is true that attention spans of people in the online world keep getting shorter, and it is hard to keep them glued to your posts. However, lengthy content comes with a host of benefits, including ranking better on
Google than shorter content and also being seen to be more authoritative.
While creating 3,000-5,000-word blog posts takes more time and resources, it will remain relevant for years
to come, especially when the post revolves around evergreen topics.

· Narrate Stories

Virtually everyone likes stories, and you can use storytelling to make your readers spend more time on your
posts. Storytelling always works, and bloggers have used it to attract and retain their audience.
When you tell a story to your audience, you are sharing a part of your life. This adds a human touch to your posts and makes your audience relate to you more.
Therefore, embrace storytelling whenever possible to attract your audience and stand out from your

Bottom Line

Blogging is profitable, and you can make enough money to pay your bills through it. However, you will
need to stand out to get noticed. Remember that there are thousands of other blogs in your preferred niche,
and it’s up to you to know the best way to stand out.

As you are thinking ahead to 2020 and making plans for your first blog, use the above tips to get noticed and make your name in your niche.

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