Natural Teething Remedy for Baby

I must disclose I am not a pediatrician, nor am saying it is guaranteed to work for your child, but it worked for mine.

I wasn’t interested in pumping my baby full of unnatural medications. My mother 25 years ago used this remedy to help me when I was a baby with sore gums caused by teething.

I do currently use the same remedy.

You can purchase the products used in the recipe online at Amazon for a very reasonable price. You will see the links below.

Here is what you will need:

Yes that is it!


  1. In a cloth or sock, put 2-3 cloves in.
  2. Tie cloth or sock so the cloves stay inside the tip.
  3. Dampen with a little water
  4. Test strength on yourself before giving to baby to chew or suck on.
  5. Discard after use, start fresh the next time he/she needs numbing relief.

*** always test on yourself first***Good luck with the teething process!

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